InstantTalk from a UK landline

  • No account set up required
  • From just 8p per min

Calls to landlines


plus your phone company's access charge

Calls to mobiles

Not Available

plus your phone company's access charge

Step 1: Dial the relevant access number

Dial 0871 751 2187 for calls to landlines in Zimbabwe

Dial for calls to mobiles in Zimbabwe

Step 2: Dial your destination

The above costs are charged to you by your landline provider.

Service provider: New Call Telecom Ltd. Tel: 0333 321 8705. Full Terms

CreditTalk from a UK mobile or landline

  • Topup your account by text message or Paypal
  • Track your balance and view call records online

Calls to landlines


+ 22p connection fee per call

Calls to mobiles


+ 30p connection fee per call

Step 1: Purchase CreditTalk Credit

Via Paypal
SMS Topup
Via Text Message

Text dts to 80550 for £5 credit

DialToSave Android app on Google Play

Step 2: Dial the access number

Dial 020 7124 2232 and then your destination number when prompted.

Only press the call/dial button once after dialing the 020 access number. All credit lasts for 90 days from the last time you use the service to make a call. Service provider: New Call Telecom Ltd. Tel: 0333 321 8705. Full Terms
How to use this service for low price calls from a landline

Major cities in Zimbabwe

Bulawayo / Harare

How to call Zimbabwe

Once you have dialed the access number above, then dial: 00 263 followed by the destination number you're calling.

Fixed line operators in Zimbabwe include Telecel and NetOne. The primary mobile operator is Econet Wireless.

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