Countries in South America

South America is the most diverse continent on the planet when it comes to telecommunications. The southern cone of the continent seems to lead the north by leaps and bounds. In South America, countries like Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are amongst the most prosperous. Leaders in standard of living, education and literacy, they are also leaders in internet usage and wireless data transferring.

Remote areas in the northern part of the continent and rain forests in central South America has made the laying of land cables extremely difficult. Submarine cables have connected northern countries like Brazil, Peru and Bolivia with North America and Europe. But this does not solve the problem of telecommunications in the remote central areas, a demand for wireless services has been created. Many countries in South America have no wireless regulations, this has created high competition, but not just from local companies. Companies from North America and Europe are entering the mobile and internet provider sector.

The southern part of South America still leads the continent in mobile penetration. The advancement of 3G technology and IP-based communications as well as the introduction of digital television has created an open market for many companies. Brazil has been advancing in digital television and is providing programming to many other countries. This also means and increase in satellite wireless service as programs are beamed to North America and Europe.

Tourism is also benefiting as wireless service is available from carriers from North America and Europe. Providers are building packages where customers can include South American countries with their services. Pictures of Carnival in Rio can be can be sent back home at an instant as part of a wireless package. Also services like GPS are available and vital, as was seen when survivors from an earth quake were discovered using their mobile phones GPS. These types of services are now available due to the advancements made through new telecommunications technology.