Countries in Oceania

The region of Oceania is made up of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, French Polynesia and New Caledonia. Although only accounting for a little over 1% of the internet usage in the world, Oceania is making great strides in e-commerce.

Services like Paypal have advanced the e-commerce world and now have over 4 million users in Oceania, making it the most used service outside of traditional banks.

Once again the use of traditional cables and fibre optic lines has difficulties due to terrain and expanses of water. This has provided a great increase in hand held mobile devices, most noted, the tablet and smart phone. Mobile communications, either pre-paid or subscription service, has increased along with e-commerce revenues. There are 6 million more smart phones in Oceania than there are people, now that is a population explosion.

One of the things that has driven the increasing revenues in the e-commerce world of Oceania is the use of on-line advertising. Companies are now understanding on-line marketing. Instant messages from a company to a customers mobile device advertising the deal of the day has driven e-commerce revenues upward of 65%. And with the ability to shop, and pay, all from a mobile device, retailers are not anticipating a decline in those revenues any time soon.

The increasing demand for 4G service has tripled as more and more people shop on line from their mobile device. Island communities are now upgrading from 2G service to 3 and 4G service as satellite service is available. Australian Coast Guard and Search and Rescue service are relying on global positioning and wireless internet service to patrol waters along the Great Barrier Reef and between the Islands of Fiji, Samoa and other areas. Plus wireless data transfer is used in mapping and relaying information on various species that are tracked by marine biologists.

Oceania is now becoming a leader in telecommunications, but mostly in data transfer. With the boom of e-commerce and specific data transferring for scientific and military usage, the land of OZ has pulled back the curtain and revealed that the Wizard is really in the palm of your hand, in the form of a hand held mobile device.