Countries in North America

North America is quickly becoming the land of the mobile or cellular phone. Commonly referred to as the "Cell Phone" Many people in North America are using their cell phones so much, that they are in fact, giving up land lines to use their cell phones exclusively.

"Smart Phones", with internet and other applications, in addition to regular telephone use, have taken over. Major companies, like Canada's RIM creator of the Blackberry, have made corporate partnerships with other major corporations, so that Blackberry provides mobile units thus increasing sales and productivity. Even the President of the United States uses a Blackberry. Telecommunication is so important in North America, many companies provide their management teams with cell phones for instant access in case there is a problem and the employee is needed in an emergency.

One thing that has increased the need for mobile units and "smart phones", is social media. The use of Facebook and Twitter and other social media applications has many wanting instant access to the internet. In North America, texting is replacing the actual telephone call, Facebook messaging or Blackberry messaging (BBM), is the preferred method of communication above the voice call for younger people. Only the remotest parts of Northern Canada and some areas of Mexico are without mobile service.

Once again companies like AT&T or Verizon in the United States and Telus or Rogers and even the national telecommunication company of Canada, Bell Canada have put together international packages with voice, text and data plans to make communication that much easier. These packages were originally put together to make cross boarder business that much easier but as the younger generation adopts these technologies, the major carriers now have integrated these packages for everyday use.

With the advent of the "Smart Phone", services like radio and video as well as global positioning systems (GPS) and even sports updates can be obtained all on your "Smart Phone". Applications or apps, are available to download right onto your cellular, there is even an app to tell you where the nears petrol station is.

With cross border communication becoming so common, many providers are offering international packages with set text and voice call rates. Once again rates and options vary from provider to provider. Most providers will allow any application you have downloaded onto your mobile to work smoothly with in North America.