InstantTalk from a UK landline

  • Call from a UK Landline
  • No account set up required
  • From just 1p per min

CreditTalk from a UK mobile or landline

  • Call from a UK Landline or Mobile
  • Topup your account by text or Paypal
  • Track your balance online
  • From just 0.5p per min

How InstantTalk Works

  1. You connect to DialToSave InstantTalk by dialling the relevant 08 or 09 special rate access number

  2. Listen to the prompts and dial the full international number you want to call including 00 and the country code.

  3. DialToSave pays for the international call at a reduced rate obtained through special arrangements and the large volume that our supplier has of international calls

  4. You are charged the reduced rate for the call by BT or your relevant landline provider, as instead of paying the full international call rate, you only pay the quoted rate for the special UK number.

How CreditTalk Works

  1. You text dts to 80550 from a UK mobile phone Your DialToSave CreditTalk account is credited with £5 and you are charged £5 from your mobile phone bill plus the normal price for a UK text message. Alternatively you can top up via Paypal by selecting the country from the drop down list on our homepage or just click here to top up via Paypal.

  2. If this is your first topup then you will receive two text messages, one stating that your account has been topped up, and another with your pin number for your account.

  3. You then dial the 020 access number from a phone of your choice. Enter your pin number (this may not be required if you are calling from the same mobile you used to top up). You are charged the normal rate for this call by your own network provider (part of any inclusive UK minutes if on a UK mobile contract).

  4. Then dial the full international access number. The cost of the international call will be deducted from your DialToSave CreditTalk account.

How to use CreditTalk from a Landline

You can now use our "CreditTalk" service to make international calls from a UK landline.

To do so, you do still require a mobile phone. Simply purchase credit either by text from that mobile phone, or online via Paypal or direct debit, and a PIN number will be sent to that phone by text message.

You can then call our access number 020 7124 2232 from any UK phone and (when prompted) enter the pin number you received by text message.

To avoid needing to enter a PIN when calling from your landline, simply register it on your account at the user login area.

We also have a freephone access number on 0800 594 6666 available for a surcharge of 2p/min.