InstantTalk from a UK landline

  • No account set up required
  • From just 1p per min

Calls to landlines


plus your phone company's access charge

Calls to mobiles


plus your phone company's access charge

Step 1: Dial the relevant access number

Dial 0870 996 7071 for calls to landlines in France

Dial 0844 838 7267 for calls to mobiles in France

Step 2: Dial your destination

The above costs are charged to you by your landline provider.

Service provider: New Call Telecom Ltd. Tel: 0333 321 8705. Full Terms

CreditTalk from a UK mobile or landline

  • Topup your account by text message or Paypal
  • Track your balance and view call records online

Calls to landlines


+ 1p connection fee per call

Calls to mobiles


+ 6p connection fee per call

Step 1: Purchase CreditTalk Credit

Via Paypal
SMS Topup
Via Text Message

Text dts to 80550 for £5 credit

DialToSave Android app on Google Play

Step 2: Dial the access number

Dial 020 7124 2232 and then your destination number when prompted.

Only press the call/dial button once after dialing the 020 access number. All credit lasts for 90 days from the last time you use the service to make a call. Service provider: New Call Telecom Ltd. Tel: 0333 321 8705. Full Terms
How to use this service for low price calls from a landline

Major cities in France

Marseille / Paris

How to call France

Once you have dialed the access number above, then dial: 00 33 followed by the destination number you're calling.

Fixed line operators in France include France Telecom, Neuf Cegetel, COLT, and Free. Mobile operators in France include Bouygues Telecom, SFR and Orange, along with virtual network operators such as Virgin mobile and Carrefour mobile.

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