• November 7th, 2012
  • Darren Kingman

pakistan eidThe decision to block the use of Pakistan mobile phone networks during the Eid celebrations on Saturday has came after intelligence revealed potential dangers if they didn’t. Several cities will be affected by the network blocks, which will only be temporary.

This news has became public knowledge after Pakistan’s Interior Minister, Rehman Malik mentioned that the decision has been made after they “received 13 intelligence alerts” which pointed towards a potential terrorist attack during the mornings prayers.

For that reason Malik has said that the “Mobile phone service will remain suspended for four hours from 6am”, which would be 1am GMT. However, “It will not be a countrywide shutdown, it will be partial, only in cities and pockets considered sensitive”.

The networks being down is likely to cause some problems for the cities populations, especially amongst the youth. However, with the amount of terrorist activity that has happened in the region over the past few years, this is surely going to be seen as a necessary move.

For our readers, this is also likely have an impact if you are attempting to get in touch with someone in the impacted Pakistan cities. The usual service will resume at 5am GMT (10am local time). Please do try the phone services after this time, as it will be the only time possible to get through.