• September 20th, 2012
  • Dialtosave News

AnatelBack in late July 2012, Anatel, the Brazilian telecoms regulator, banned mobile networks from selling any new lines (i.e. from taking on new mobile subscribers). This was in response to networks not being able to handle demand from their existing subscriber base. This is felt both when making calls from within Brazil and also for international customers attempting to make calls to mobiles in Brazil, sometimes unable to get through.

Those bans were dropped in August 2012 so many in the industry were keeping an eye on sales of mobile phones contracts during that month.

1.5 million users signed up to mobile phone networks in Brazil in August compared to 1.4 million in July. However, in August 2011 there were 3.7 million new subscriptions.

It might appear from that last figure that mobile usage has dropped, but in fact it’s just the growth that has slowed. There was a total of 257.9 million subscribers in August 2012 compared to 224 million the same time a year earlier.

It remains to be seen if Anatel and the networks can make the necessary infrastructure changes to increase capacity and service levels, as the number of subscribers continues to grow in Brazil.