• August 9th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

While most of us end-users of mobile phones have plenty of our own headaches involving bills, hidden costs and paying for services we never use, we don’t often spare a thought to the poor networks who have to pay mobile termination rates.

The fee one network charges another for terminating a call makes up part of what customers pay per minute of every call they make.

It seems that the Polish telecoms regulator, UKE, is preparing to make things a little easier on customers by bringing down the MTR bu 33% in early 2013, and a further 52% by July 2013.

This may seem an ambitious plan, but is a mere concession compared to the UKE’s original dream of completely eliminating MTR in 2013.

The move is very much in line with the EU’s recent moves to make mobile billing a little easier on the customer, so not only is it already easy to make cheap calls to Poland, but by 2013 it’ll be cheaper to make calls within the country. While the Polish network providers TPSA and Polkomtel have complained that they will suffer from the cuts, it is customers who will benefit as they will inevitably be charged less for mobile phone calls.

UKE is also launching auctions ‘in the next few days’ for frequencies on a new 1800MHz band, which ┬ánetworks will be vying for in a bid to offer the best network coverage and quality.

[Source: Fierce Wireless]