• August 9th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Deutsche Telekom has for some time been looking to tap into the steadily growing market of machine-to-machine communications, and in a bid to provide its own platform for the service, has launched its own developer community.

The aim of the new M2M platform is to tap into the growing Internet of Things, the idea of which is the bridging of the gap between the internet world and physical world by means of various innovative technologies and software.

An example of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M platform in action is a smoke detector that can be tracked remotely courtesy of SMS notifications and also an online M2M interface. The system could be sold directly through M2M’s marketplace.

“Over 7,000 users are already active on the portal,” EE Times Europe quoted J├╝rgen Hase, head of Deutsche Telekom’s M2M Competence Center, as saying. “We are offering developers of M2M solutions a knowledge exchange and networking platform, expert support, as well as practical APIs and help with programming SDKs. The Developer Community will be an ideas catalyst to support the growth of M2M technology. We believe that in the future, we will need new ideas and solutions for a variety of applications in different industries.”

[Source: Fierce Wireless]