• July 11th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Here in the UK, ZTE has wisely shifted its focus towards providing decent-quality handsets at ridiculously low prices. In other parts of the world, meanwhile, the Chinese phone giant is undertaking projects much grander and more ambitious in scale.

One such project is in Peru, where ZTE have just won a project that’ll see them build over 2000 2G/3G wireless base-stations around the country. They’ll be collaborating with the Peruvian mobile operator Viettel in providing the South American country with improved network coverage.

ZTE will be bringing to the table their innovative Uni-RAN technology, which includes products based on SDR technology, allowing networks to be deployed in a faster, more efficient way.

“In 2009, ZTE became Viettel’s first 3G networking equipment supplier in Vietnam,” said Pu Yingchun, ZTE GSM/UMTS Product Lines General Manager. “We are excited to help Viettel enter the South American market for the first time and we are confident that this new contract will help it grow further in the region.”

Providing such additional services as their radio network optimisation tools, ZTE are aiming for the completed final project to provide 3G coverage for all of Peru.

[Source: Cellular News]