• July 30th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Where once you had rugged outlaws wandering the scrublands of the American mid-west, in this day and age we have hackers. What’s worrying is that many of them seem to have little trouble extracting money and information from companies and organisations that we think of as being secure.

The latest large-scale hack attack has occurred in South Korea’s KT Telecom company, which has come clean by admitting that hackers have, over the course of the last five months, stolen and sold the personal details of approximately 8.7 million of their customers.

The revelations came out after two hackers were arrested in South Korea, who have allegedly made over $880,000 between them for selling the customer data.

South Korea is a prime target for hacking attempts due to the country’s extremely high rate of both fixed and mobile broadband penetration. Last year, around 35 million peoples’ details were stolen from social network sites around the country. Korea claims to have tracked the hackers’ addresses to China, although ultimately no arrests were made.

[Source: The Next Web]