• July 4th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Here in the UK, we can’t complain too much about getting bad deals on our mobile networks. The prices aren’t escalating rapidly, and there is such a variety of weird and wonderful tariffs out there that we’re bound to find something perfect for our needs.

But it wouldn’t be bad if the prices we pay were actively dropping on a year-by-year basis, would it?

That’s exactly what’s happening in Finland, where a report from Finnish phone regulator Ficora shows 2011 telecoms prices to have dropped by nearly 10% in the last year.

This huge drop is just the latest in a series of network price drops in Finland, and the current rates for phone calls, data and text messages are around a fifth less now than they were in 2007.

Data transfers have seen the biggest price drops, with prices falling by 14% on last year. This is to be expected, as 3G/HSPA mobile internet has become a widespread service in most developed countries, and 4G will soon step in as its high-end alternative.

It’s thought that another major factor in the lowering telecoms prices is a general rise in consumer prices, which the lower tariffs can partly offset.

[Source: Cellular News]