• June 20th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

There are times when people talking over-loudly on their mobile phones drives us up the wall. Particularly on buses or on trains, it seems that some people just don’t have the self-consciousness to realise that people really don’t want to listen in on their infuriating conversations.

But we’d never go so far as to actually punch someone for talking too loudly, would we? It seems that American police officer Sgt. David Clifford would, as he was charged with assaulting a man talking on his phone in a restaurant.

CCTV footage shows Clifford approaching a man talking on the phone on an adjacent table, having a quick word with him, then giving him a smack amounting to third-degree assault.

Clifford’s defence was that the man was talking loudly and using profanities on the phone, and that he only hit the man when he thought he was about to be hit himself.

Witnesses and staff at the restaurant have disputed Clifford’s claims, saying that they didn’t hear any offensive language and that the phone-equipped loudmouth didn’t act threatening at any point.

While Clifford shouldn’t be used as a model of how to deal with people being publicly annoying on phones, maybe this story will make potential culprits talk that little bit quieter, just in case there’s a man with anger management issues sitting nearby.

[Source: Cellular News]