• June 1st, 2012
  • Robert Zak

As one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, it’s unsurprising that India is quickly catching up with us when it comes to connecting to the world through smartphones.

Recent findings for India’s largest survey ┬áconsisting of 12,300 high school students across 12 cities – revealed that the increasing presence of online-enabled smart devices is turning India’s so-called ‘Generation Y’ youth into ‘instant connectors’.

Among the more noteworthy statistics in the survey, it was found that eight out of ten Indian high school students own mobile phones and that nearly half of these use them to access the internet. Home PCs are still the dominant means of online connection, while tablets are also becoming increasingly popular, with 14% of students using them.

The dominant form of communication for India’s GenY is text and instant messaging services (50% and 45% respectively), while email – with 34% usage – has now dropped behind Facebook and Twitter (38%) as a means of social contact.

Survey organiser N Chandresekaran had this to say about the findings:

‘Combination of more bandwidth, availability of smart devices and the surging popularity of social networks is changing the way India’s high school students conduct their academic and social lives. As significant employers of India’s talented youth, we need to understand how to leverage these social trends to create engaging careers for tomorrow’s professionals.’

[Source: Cellular News]