• June 14th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

After successfully avoiding a $1 billion fine for imposing heavy interconnection charges on rival networks, rich-man Carlos Slim is continuing to make huge acquisitions in the international telecoms market.

The latest move from the billionaire owner of America Movil has seen him purchase a further 6 million shares in Dutch telecoms giant KPN, seeing his stake in the company rise to 7.3%.

This is only a small part of Slim’s plan to eventually gain a 27.7% holding in the company; a bid which will eventually add up to €2.64. Slim acquired the shares for €7.8, which is less than the €8/share price that was apparently agreed upon previously.

Speaking with Reuters, a spokeswoman for America Movil said “The terms for the KPN offer, including the price, have not changed,” a statement which seems to oppose the facts.

Meanwhile, Liberty Global, who own the Belgian phone network Telenet, are interested in acquiring BASE, KPN’s Belgian mobile unit. Sources close to KPN are claiming that it could be acquired for a price of around €1.8 billion.

Liberty Global CEO Mike Fries has confirmed that the company’s interested in BASE. “We’ll take a look at it, whether it’s something we’ll do is hard to say,” he said. “We looked at Switzerland too when Orange was sold, and we didn’t do that.”