• June 8th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

ipad 3The controversy over Apple‘s mis-labelling of their flagship New iPads in Australia seems to finally be coming to an end. A couple of months ago, Apple found themselves in deep water when it turned out that the ‘WiFi + 4G’ iPads they were selling down under weren’t compatible with the country’s LTE networks, effectively making the 4G label redundant.

After weeks of onslaught from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Apple removed the 4G label from their devices, and offered refunds to all the customers who were misled by the labelling.

Now, in what looks to be the final step in the process, Apple have agreed to pay $2.25 million to Australia’s consumer rights watchdog, and a further $300,000 to the ACCC’s legal fees.

ACCC spokesman Colin Golvan said that the compensation was ‘substantial’, and that he hoped it would deter consumer electronics manufacturers in the future from labelling their products misleadingly.

Judge Mordy Bromberg, who presided over the case, still needs to sign it off, but is still hesitating over one unclear detail.

“At the moment on the agreed facts you put before me, I have no idea whether a consumer who bought the iPad, thinking it could connect to 4G but then realising that it couldn’t, has been impacted in any way,” Bromberg said.”

[Source: Apple Insider]