• May 22nd, 2012
  • Robert Zak

We may hate tax on a selfish, individual basis, but most of us can readily admit that most of the time it’s reasonable that everyone chips in. We have to say fair enough to things like income tax and road tax, and even council tax, but how would we feel if we were taxed for using our mobile phones?

Maybe we should ask the Hungarians, because their government has now passed tax for every phone call and text message that their hapless mobile customers make.

Specifically, from July 1 Hungarian mobile customers will be charged two forint (€0.007) for every phone call and text they make. The charges will be capped at 700 forints for individuals and 2500 forint for companies.

The tax doesn’t effect calls made to Hungarian mobiles, so if you want to make cheap calls to Hungary, you still can.

The country’s major network providers have vocalised their unhappiness about this, complaining that the government had earlier promised not to tax companies, only consumers (so much for them looking out for their customers!).

The tax is part of the Hungarian government’s austerity measures to bring the country’s national debt to under the EU’s 3% threshold. It’s hoped that the tax will bring in 44 billion forints per year into the country’s troubled economy.

Opposition leader Gabor Vago somewhat ominously claimed that taxation on mobile phone consumers is the first step to the creation of a nationalised mobile phone network.

[Source: Total Tele]