• May 31st, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Five EU countries are getting their figurative wrists slapped for not playing by the EU’s new rules regarding telecommunications. The European Commission has referred Belgium, Holland, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia to the European Court of Justice for not implementing new EU-wide telecoms rules by 25 May, 2011.

The EU’s other 22 countries have already enforced the new rules, which have been set up to:

‘guarantee more competitive markets for consumers and businesses and give EU customers new rights, such as switching their phone operator in one day without changing the number or being informed without delay when their personal data is stolen online.’

The EC has suggested that the culprit countries get fined for every day that they have failed to implement the new rules, with Poland receiving the biggest suggested penalty of €112 190.4 a day.

The EU’s Digital Agenda has been active in enforcing new telecommunications rules that are set up to protect customers’ security and rights over mobile phones. A few weeks ago, the EU passed legislation to impose caps on the maximum amount mobile networks can charge their customers for using data roaming within the EU.

[Source: Digital Agenda for Europe]