• April 20th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Orange may be a truly British-born-and-bred network provider that endears itself to the nation giving 2-for-1 cinema tickets on Wednesdays, but it’s also a major name abroad. Currently owned by France Telecom, Orange is among the leading network providers in countries such as Spain and Poland, as well as France and the UK.

Now, Poland’s leading network provider, TP (Telekomunikacja Polska) is rebranding its fixed network to Orange. France Telecom/Orange hold a majority 47.5% stake in the Polish provider, which has been using the ‘Orange’ brand within its network since 2005.

TP spokesperson Wojciech Jabczynski stated the company’s intentions to rebrand itself, describing its renaming to Orange as ‘the second phase of the group’s rebranding.’

As is inevitable with the rise and rise of mobile phone usage, particularly with the multi-functional smartphones, subscriptions to TP’s fixed-line service have been falling steadily over the years, with a 11.4% drop recorded in 2011.

Orange is currently the most popular mobile network provider in Poland, ahead of the German-owned T-Mobile and the Plus section of Poland’s very own Polkomtel group. It’s not likely, however, that UK Orange customers will be able to make cheap calls to Poland as a result. Either way, to paraphrase the British company’s own saying, the future certainly looks bright for Orange.

[Source: Expatica]