• April 3rd, 2012
  • Robert Zak

China phoneIt’s perhaps unsurprising that the world’s most populous nation should also have the most mobile subscriptions in the world, but it’s hard not to be impressed whenever the word ‘billion’ is thrown into the equation. That’s the case with Chinese mobile phone subscriptions, which have reached the massive milestone, according to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to AFP, the infamously tight-censoring nation has seen a rapid rise in mobile phone usage in recent years thanks to substantial drops in handset and subscription prices. This is reflected in the fact that the number of mobile phone subscriptions in China has increased by nearly 100 million in the last 10 months. Of these users, 144 million are hooked up to the nation’s nice and oppressively monitored 3G internet services.

Correlating with the rise in mobile phone usage is a drop in land-line subscriptions, which have dropped by 828,000 in the last year to a not-so-lowly 284.3 million.

As well as having the most mobile phone subscriptions in the world, China also has more internet users than anywhere else, with over half a billion subscribers.

[Image via: China Daily]