• April 26th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

Conspiracy theories are flying around the mobile community as a marketing agency has begun a guerilla campaign against Apple in Australia. The agency, Tongue, hired a busload of protesters to drive to a large Apple Store in Australia and stand outside it wielding ‘Wake Up’ signs.

The source of this protest isn’t clear yet. Over recent weeks Apple have been having trouble in Australia over the advertising of their iPad 3, which has led to waves of refunds and general discontent. Could the protest be over the iPad?

Or, for a more juicy and very feasible theory, Samsung could be behind the protest.The anti-Apple ‘Wake Up’ campaign has its own website¬†containing only the words ‘Wake Up’ and a countdown timer. Lo and behold, working out the timer shows that it reaches zero on May 3rd, which is the official announcement date for Samsung’s ‘Next Galaxy’ phone.

This isn’t the first time that Samsung have taken sneaky swipes at Apple, but it’s definitely one of the more extreme examples of it. Are Samsung taking it too far? Their last teaser for the Next Galaxy inferred that the people who buy the iPhone are ¬†– quite literally – sheep. It’s aggressive marketing, and it’s possible that some people may be turned off by what seems to be pretty underhand campaign against Apple.

See footage of the protest below.

[Source: AndroidAndMe]