• April 27th, 2012
  • Robert Zak

After last week’s news that a second mobile phone operator in Hong Kong boosted their network with high-speed LTE data transfer, it now turns out that Angola have also jumped on the 4G bandwagon.

The African nation’s leading mobile phone company, Movicel, launched the country’s first 4G network on Friday, granting users data download speeds of up to 120 Mbps. The service is worth around $100 million and is accessible to anyone with the right modem or a 4G-enabled phone.

Upon lauching the powerful new technology, the Angolan Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Jorge Carvalho da Rocha, said ‘this technology will develop Angola.’

While it’s perplexing that economically much weaker countries are getting 4G networks while we in the UK have been told to wait until 2013, Angola is one of the more prosperous nations in central Africa, ranking 67th in international GDP rankings. That being said, we’re supposed to be in the top 10, so the logic of the UK being 4G-impoverished still doesn’t add up. Sour grapes? Absolutely.

[Source: AfriqueJet]