• March 14th, 2012
  • Carly Page

In somewhat of a shocking revelation, the 2011 census has confirmed that  mobile phones are more common than lavatories in India.The 2011 census was the first time that the public were asked whether they own a laptop, computer or mobile phone. In India, the results reveal that that 63.2 percent of the population own a telephone line (mobile phone or landline), compared to just 9.1 percent ten years ago.Most surprisingly, though, is the stark comparison between the number of phones and loos in the country. While almost two-thirds of India have a telephone line, almost half of the population – 49.8 percent – still defecate in the open.

“Open defecation continues to be a big concern for the country as almost half of the population (49.8 per cent) do it. Cultural and traditional reasons and lack of education were the prime reasons for this unhygienic practice. We have to do a lot in these fronts,” Registrar General and Census Commissioner C Chandramouli said.The census also reveals that 62.5 percent of India’s rural population continue to use fire-wood as fuel for cooking and 44.8 per cent people’s mode of transport is cycle while computer with internet facility has penetrated into country’s just 3.1 percent population.