• March 19th, 2012
  • Carly Page

EgyptThe mobile market in Egypt will double in the next few years, analysts are predicting, thanks to investments in 3G networks.

According to research from Pyramid Research, both fixed and mobile sectors in Egypt continue to grow in the North African country, despite “turbulent political and economic times.” The analysts are predicting that there’s still a lot of growth for mobile data in Egypt, though, which Pyramid expects to will to generate a total of $11.1bn between 2011-2016. The firm adds that on the fixed side, “the decline of circuit-switched voice will continue steadily to fall generating a revenue of just over half a billion dollars in 2016,” as people opt for mobile devices instead.

The report adds that Egypt is quickly becoming more ‘virtually connected’ that ever before – with more users signing up to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter thanks to the surge in the mobile market.

“All three Egyptian MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) offer services over HSPA (high speed packet access) networks, which play a central role in spreading Internet access across the country,” said Olena Kaplan, associate analyst at Pyramid. “Today, the mobile Internet plays a crucial role in Egyptians’ choice of Internet access, and operators, aware of this preference, are continuously investing in their 3G networks.”

For the full report, head on over to Pyramid’s website.