• February 24th, 2012
  • Carly Page

BlackBerryResearch In Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones may be losing marketshare worldwide, but the firm is still number one in its hometown of Canada, recent research has revealed.

The study was carried out by analysts at US market research firm ComScore, and reveals that RIM still has a 32.6 percent share of the Canadian smartphone market. Less surprisingly, Apple ranked second with a 31.2 percent marketshare, Google’s Android operating system came in third at 27.9 per cent.

The report notes that Canada was the only smartphone market reported by comScore in which RIM still maintained the leading position, saying: “Despite being a long-time market leader in the US, RIM faced challenges in reacting to rapidly-changing consumer preferences for a better browsing experience, sleeker touch interface, and an expanded app marketplace.”

“It should be noted, however, that RIM’s January appointment of a new CEO likely signals some upcoming strategic changes that may result in more innovative product offerings. Should this change in leadership and enhancement in product offerings prove successful, RIM’s home market Canada represents perhaps the best opportunity to stem the tide and regain lost market share.”

In the UK, BlackBerry phones account for just 18.3 percent of the smartphone market, and the firm has recently seen a fall to just 16 percent in the US.

[Source: ITBusiness]