• February 10th, 2012
  • Carly Page

Nokia 100 SeriesDual SIM phones are rapidly gaining popularity in Kenya, new reports have revealed, pushing single SIM handsets out of the market.

A report from Coastweek has revealed that the majority of East African mobile phone users are now switching to dual-SIM devices, as it gives them more flexibility and rids the inconvenience of having to swap SIM cards. One other major benefit is being able to make cheap calls to Kenya, as customers can switch between networks that offer better prices during the night, for example.

“For instance, making calls on Safaricom network costs 0.04 U.S. dollars per minute during the day and 0.02 dollars during the night”, Coastweek explains. “On the other hand, Airtel subscribers call within and out of the network for 0.03 dollars per minute.”

Due to the growth in popularity of ‘twin SIM’ phones, more companies are beginning to release handsets with support for two cards. For example, Samsung has released the dual-SIM Ch@T Duos range in Kenya, and Nokia has released released its 100 Series mobile phones (pictured) in the country late last year.

“We are on a hurl with dual-SIM. These are entry-level gadgets to give consumers, who are only starting out on their mobile experience a modern, able feature-rich device,” Nokia Executive Vice President of Mobile Phones Mary McDowel said.

“Dual SIM mobile phones are the in-thing right now in Kenya,” Tom Ndonje, an IT expert in Nairobi added. “Every subscriber wants to enjoy services of different telecommunication companies at various times to save costs.”

However, the new report shows that not all dual-SIM phones are popular with customers, as certain handsets don’t allow two SIM cards to be active at the same time.

[via: Coastweek]