• February 22nd, 2012
  • Carly Page

iPhone 4SChina Telecom has announced that it will launch the iPhone 4S on March 9, making it the second Chinese network to offer the device along with China Unicom.

The network revealed that pre-orders for the popular iDevice will begin on March 2, and has also confirmed the handset’s pricing. For example, for a 24 month $62 (£40) contract, customers in China will be able to bag a free iPhone 4S 16GB model, whereas those who sign up to a 3 year contract will get a 32GB or 64GB handset. Analysts are predicting that the network will sell about 1.4 million iPhones this year, and 2-4 million in 2013.

“We are really happy to offer the amazing new iPhone 4S,” Yang Xiaowei, executive vice president of China Telecom, said in a statement. “We believe iPhone 4S on China Telecom’s advanced 3G network will create great excitement among our customers.”

“This is definitely going to give a plus to Apple shipments,” commented Sandy Shen, a Shanghai-based analyst at research company Gartner Inc. “On the other hand, China Telecom is still the country’s smallest mobile operator, so the extent to which it can help Apple may be limited.”

The biggest mobile operator in the country, China Telecom, still doesn’t have the technology to range the iPhone, but it’s though a deal could be made within the next few months.