• January 12th, 2012
  • Dafiq Hussein

Here at DialToSave we love to deliver any fun and quirky news and views from around the world of telecommunications, and today we have just that! Our sister company, SoMobile, have enjoyed putting together a fantastic new infographic to show us the different mobile phone trends from around our large, but seemingly shrinking, globe.

The infographic, “The World of Mobile Phones”, cleverly reveals how all 327,577,000 handset owners in the US use their beloved, or I’m sure in some cases, not so beloved mobile phones…they can be a tad frustrating at times can’t they?

Furthermore, it portrays that there are a staggeringly high number of Chinese mobile phone users, 951,600,000 is the figure in total. China is, unsurprisingly it must be said considering the enormity of their population, the country with the highest number of mobile phone users. The infographic also reveals that 70% of that previously mentioned figure, which works out as 666,120,000 mobile phone users, simply could not live without their mobile phone.

Now that is something I can certainly sympathise with. The few times I have left home without my mobile phone I do indeed feel disconnected from the world and as if something is missing, which of course it is!

A mobile phone these days is more than just a device to call a friend on – it is our diary, our personal organiser, our distraction from the outside world, and quite dichotomously, our connection to the rest of the world. It is a symbol of who we are and through it we can access so much data and speak with almost any single person around the globe.

In short, a mobile phone has become an integral part of who we are, and without it we would feel lost, and this infographic sums that up brilliantly.