• January 9th, 2012
  • Dafiq Hussein

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has recently spoken about how he believes that a super fast broadband connection will hold the key to economic growth here in the UK. It is great to see the most powerful man in the UK backing telecommunications, and suggesting that they ultimately hold the key to an economic resurgence.

Mr Cameron has set his sights on transforming and improving the UK’s infrastructure, which he feels will help boost the economy. Furthermore, Mr Cameron has acknowledged that “much needs to change” in order for the British economy to begin its long road to recovery. One of the main ways that the government can help to achieve this goal is to sponsor the roll out of super fast broadband across the nation.

Mr Cameron has stated: “This will be the year Britain sees the world and the world sees Britain. It must be the year we go for it – the year the coalition government I lead does everything it takes to get our country up to strength.” Strong and significant words from our PM.

The coalition government has been very vocal about its desire to get the UK connected to the best broadband network in Europe by the end of 2015, and the plan is to give every home and business access to the best broadband and phone packages available. This may well, in turn, lead to cheaper international calling rates.

The government has reportedly set aside £530 million of funds in order to attempt to achieve this goal. The money will go towards the installation of faster broadband services in areas of the UK where private telecoms companies have not yet taken responsibility, due to the fact that such areas may be deemed “not economically viable” by telecoms firms.

This is an interesting plan that David Cameron and his coalition government have come up with, and it is one, if achieved, that will significantly improve the infrastructure throughout the UK. Businesses will also benefit quite substantially too, hence the economic growth that is believed to be assisted by such a move.