• January 18th, 2012
  • Dafiq Hussein

In a bid to help you save money when making cheap calls abroad, we love to bring you news and views from all around the globe, as I’m sure you know, and today is no different as our news is fresh off the Czech Republican press.

A Czech telecoms regulator, ČTÚ, has stated that they are preparing frequency auctions for the roll-out of new generation wireless broadband mobile services, and furthermore, high speed mobile Internet services will be just one of many priorities throughout 2012.

The telecoms regulator has said that they are aiming to provide mobile broadband via 4G services to 90% of the Czech population within three years time. It has been estimated that one-off earnings from the auctions for the Czech state are as high as “billions of crowns”. Additionally, there will be a regular income afterwards from the use of the frequencies which is expected to pull in “tens or hundreds of millions” each and every year. That is a vast amount of money, and to give us an idea of how much a billion Czech crowns are worth in pounds we have worked it out to equal approximately £32.6 million.

In recent history, Czech telecoms users have complained about the lack of competition between the current big telecom operators on the market, Telefónica O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone, whilst the ČTÚ are frequently blamed for its failure to toughen up in order to stand up to the bigger companies to force prices to decline.

The 4G wireless system should offer connections with around seven times the speed of the highest performing 3G service that is currently available. This will allow for high-quality streaming of videos and music from handheld devices with very small risks of lapses in connection speed. This will also make it easier for those using the handheld devices to find numbers when trying to make cheap international calls.

Whether ČTÚ hit their three year target is something that we will indeed keep track of, and it will be interesting to see how the Czech telecoms industry continues to develop.