• November 16th, 2011
  • Dafiq Hussein

The London based telecommunications firm, British Telecom, have announced that they will be increasing their charges on daytime and anytime calls services. The increases will be implemented at the beginning of next month – just in time for Christmas, a time when millions of people would be hopeful of making cheap calls abroad in order to contact relatives all around the world.

The price hike will be the second this year, and will also increase monthly line rental rates from £13.90 to £14.60 for domestic users. However, BT have suggested that after rates rise on 3rd December, a price freeze will be enforced until 2013.

British Telecom have also cancelled the discounts that were made available to customers who opted for their paperless billing package. This package offered a saving of £1.25 per month for those who received their bills online. This was, therefore, quite a substantial saving over a long period.

The manner in which British Telecom have announced the price hike has also sparked controversy. This is because BT decided not to include the price changes in their August industry announcement, and instead they chose to notify their customers via email. Unsurprisingly, many customers have now requested that BT should revert back to paper billing, which could, ultimately, prove to be damaging for the firm’s money saving measures.

A spokesman for BT has responded by commenting: “The £1.25 discount for not receiving a bill is quite generous and so it has not proved to be viable in the long term.” At such a difficult economic time, it is understandable that even such huge firms still need to be seeing a healthy cashflow, however, will customers actually pay any notice to such a statement?